Parker Cryotherapy vetted a number of companies that provide cryotherapy equipment across the country. We are pleased to have partnered with CryoUSA. At CryoUSA, they believe that every person, from elite athlete to soccer mom, should have the opportunity to maximize their potential. It’s why they became the leader in cryotherapy and recovery, and it’s why they’ve put together the world’s most complete system for bringing the recovery revolution to the world-class athlete…in everyone.

CryoUSA was formed to offer revolutionary, whole body cryotherapy technology, setting the industry standards for safety, equipment, and reliability. And while professional sports teams, the world’s most elite athletes, and celebrities have trusted CryoUSA as their exclusive provider in this fast-growing therapy, its mission is to make cryotherapy and other innovative recovery solutions available to everyone.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology that stands to redefine the effects of cooling on the body as it is known today, CryoUSA has established itself as the go-to specialists in the cryotherapy industry. CryoUSA has installed more than 250 cryotherapy units and helped start more than 400 independent cryotherapy businesses nationwide.